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REACH Conference Prague (Pruhonice)
Ministry of Enviroment of
the Czech Republic
  • Authorisation
  • REACH & Articles
  • SDS / E-SDS and Exposure Scenarios
  • Downstream Users Duties & Communication
  • REACH Legislation Enforcement
REACH Conference Prague (Pruhonice), May 22- 23, 2017

Ekotox centre

Ecotoxicological Centers
Consultancy and business support in the area of chemicals management (REACH, CLP, GHS) and products /articles; legislation and market rules compliance, risk assessment and environmental and health safety. Principle areas - EU chemicals legislation (REACH, CLP), EU market compliance, mixtures, biocides, detergents, cosmetics, articles/products...

24 YEARS OF CONSULTANCY (1993 - 2017)

Centrum Ekotoksykologiczne Sp. z o.o.
Ekotoxikologické centrum Bratislava s.r.o.
Ekotoxikologické centrum CZ s.r.o.



Consultancy Ekotox



Ekotox Outsourcing

Ekotox - Outsourcing


Chemical safety

Chemical safety

REACH & CLP services

Risk assessment

Safety data sheet

Safety data sheet (SDS; MSDS)



Labels design

  • Preparing labels according to current legislation

Chemical substances

  • REACH screening/ CLP screening/ Priority Setting
  • Late pre-registration
  • Classification and notification of chemicals (ECHA)
  • Chemical Safety Assessment (CSA)/ Chemical Safety Report (CSR)
  • Exposure scenario (ES)
  • Risk Assessment (RA)/ Hazard Assessment (HS)

Development of the operational procedures guideline for protection of worker's health and protection of public health for operation where relevant risk exist

REACH Conference Prague (Pruhonice), May 22- 23, 2017