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REACH Conference Prague (Pruhonice)
Ministry of Enviroment of
the Czech Republic
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REACH Conference Prague (Pruhonice), May 22- 23, 2017

Risk Management Option analysis (RMOa) training 24.5.2017

REACH Conference 2017Risk Management Option analysis (RMOa) is a tool that got last year’s increasing attention from regulators as well as industry. The tool is used when any of the REACH processes (Classification and Labeling, Dossier or Substance Evaluation) or a Member State identifies a “concern” to check what could be the most relevant risk management tool to handle the outstanding risk or concern.
While originally focused on SVHC substances (see EU SVC Road Map) the RMOa assessment is presently used to assess the consequences of any concern that would warrant further risk management. Member states use the RMOa tool to assess if the concern:

  • Does not need any further handling
  • Requires a handling beyond REACH (e.g. OSH legislation, EQS legislation, …
    Should best be handled under REACH (Cl&L, authorization restriction, …)

The latter would then trigger an Annex XIV launching this REACH-RMM route. Planned RMOas are announced on PACT being sometimes at short notice allowing stakeholders to provide input. The latter is quite relevant given RMOa relevant information is not always part of the registration requirements.
The drafting of an RMOa therefore includes many challenges both for member states (MSs), industry as well as for ECHA and the Commission:

  • The availability of information not part of the registration requirement;
  • How much does the risk/exposure under consideration contribute to the overall risk, exposure;
  • Relevancy and efficiency of existing risk management measures (RMMs);
  • Potential for substitution, reduction of emissions or other exposure based RMMs;
  • How to promote that different RMOas guarantee a minimal quality/relevancy level.

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REACH Conference Prague (Pruhonice), May 22- 23, 2017