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Lecture: SVHCs Communication – Consumers and Companies Right to Know.

Author: Dr. Waltraud Novak, GLOBAL 2000


The European chemicals regulation REACH defines in its article 33 the communication channels about so called SVHCs (Substances of Very High Concern). On one hand, information about SVHCs has to be passed on along the supply chain of articles from producers to suppliers and to retailers. On the other hand, consumers have the right to ask producers, suppliers or retailers whether an article contains SVHCs; the information has to be provided within 45 days. To facilitate this “right to know”, the EU-LIFE funded project “AskREACH” has been set up under the coordination of the German Environment Agency. 20 partner organisations from 13 countries are part of the 5-year-project which started in September 2017 and runs until August 2022.

In the frame of the project, a smartphone App called “Scan4Chem” is being developed, which can be used by consumers to scan articles to receive information about their SVHC content. Connected to the App is a database, to which companies can upload SVHC data about their articles. Furthermore, a supply chain tool is provided to companies, to manage their SVHC informations.

First experiences with the Scan4Chem App as well as approaches of companies to handling of SVHC information will be presented.

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