REACH restrictions are moving ahead and new initiatives seems to have cross-sectoral impact.

Annex XVII to REACH in the Entry 72 restricts substances in

  1. ) clothing or related accessories;
  2. ) textiles other than clothing which, under normal or reasonably foreseeable conditions of use, come into contact with human skin to an extent similar to clothing;
  3. ) footwear. That should be the case after 1 November 2020.

On 2017 The RAC and SEAC Committees agreed to restrict the use of diisocyanates at the workplace, following a proposal by Germany. The main goal is to prevent new cases of occupational asthma from exposure to diisocyanates among industrial workers and professionals. In order to further reduce the risks of respiratory sensitisation and further improve safety culture in the workplace, a restriction proposal for the use of diisocyanates is under the process of approval. The proposal affects substances and products with a cumulative concentration of diisocyanates in the substance or the mixture above or equal to 0.1 % in weight.

Novel cases on the agenda with large impacts – potentially Case on isocyanates; Case on Co-salts; Issue: a new approach based on “Risk Equity”; Upcoming case on skin sensitizers in textiles; Case on Microplastics…

That all will be discussed and we do expect the positions of the authorities, NGOs as well as industry.


Restrictions 1

Restrictions 3

Restrictions 6




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