Conference agenda

REACH Conference 2019

is organized for the twelfth time combining lecturers and participants from different sectors of industry, authorities, academia and other stakeholders. Now REACH legislation reached the important milestone completed reagistration of substances above 1 tonne per year on the European market. Still data quality of dossiers is a challenge.

Subsequent duties for downstream users in the supply chain are under implementation.  Exposure scenarios and e-SDSs are more and more frequent and creating new tasks for all of involved.  Also authorisation process is on the place—the Candidate list now containing a total of 181 entries and the Authorisation list contains 43 unique substances/entries. Further restrictions are applied by revision of Annex XVII. Overlaps with other legislative sectors is under evluation, but very important is the REACH and CLP REFIT evaluation (REACH and CLP Review 2017).
So what are the results and what will be next after REACH 2018?
Experiences, difficulties, learning lessons as well as good practices will be discussed during the REACH Conference 2018…
We focus also on REACH implementation in Small and Medium Enterprises. Language of the REACH Conference 2018 is English only. Simply there is a lot of what to discuss so you should not miss this oportunity!

The most important topics to be discussed:

  • EU CHEMICALS LEGISLATION—Industry sectors REACH / CLP Impact and Strategies
  • REACH Authorisation
  • REACH & Articles
  • REACH vs other sectors
  • Industry vs chemicals legislation
  • SDS / E-SDS and Exposure Scenarios
  • Downstream Users Duties & Communication
  • Enforcement
  • Tools and Solutions
  • Chemicals legislation after 2018

Confirmed Speakers

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) will be represented by Ms. Maria OTTATI to present “REACH Registration 2018 Results Overview” and “Risk Management under REACH”

The Chemical Distribution Industry in Europe (Fecc) will be represented by Ms. Irantzu Garmendia AGUIRRE to present “REACH and CLP Aspects for the Chemical Distributing Industry – Challenges and Tools”

The European Apparel and Textile Confederation (Euratex) will be represented by Mr. Mauro SCALIA to present: “European Textiles Industry—REACH Impact”

Eurometaux will be represented by Mr. Hugo WAETERSCHOOT to present “The Metals & Inorganics Sectorial Approach launched by ECHA and industry in 2018”

European Precious Metals Federation (EPMF) will be represented by Ms. France CAPON to present “Risk Management and Impurities in Substances: why are they important and the role of the RMOa process?”

Mr. Kai-Sebastian MELZER on behalf of Nickel Institute will present „The Metals & Inorganics Sectorial Approach launched by ECHA and industry in 2018: can it speed up clarifying outstanding concerns?“

The Czech Ministry of Environment will be represented by Mr. Karel BLÁHA to present “The Second REACH Review”

Mr. Sol BOBST from ToxSci Advisors LLC will present “TSCA Update and US Import Requirements”

Mr. Dave SAUCIER from Responsible Distribution Canada will present “Canadian Chemicals Legislation Requirements and Canadian Import Rules”

Mr. Martin MURÍN representing Ekotox Centers will present „10 years of REACH; REACH Authorisation“.

Concawe representative Mr. Hannu Keränen will give a speach: “Oil industry experience from the Petroleum and Coal Stream Substances (PetCo) working group”

Lead organizer

Ecotoxikological centers


Support for compliance — chemicals, biocides, cosmetics, detergents… articles…
risk assessment… environmental compliance…
SDS, eSDS, exposure scenarios… CSR, dossier development and up-date…
REACH registration….authorisation services
Chemicals Management

Presented lectures has been published Open

Conference agenda

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