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Citoxlab : an international group

Citoxlab, our newly established group, created through the merger of CiT and LAB Research, provides a comprehensive range of preclinical and specialty services from our facilities in France, Canada, Denmark and Hungary.

Our broad range of GLP and non GLP non-clinical services combined with our 40 years of experience is at the service of our customers to meet the demands of today’s complex global marketplace. We can provide you with accelerated product development, expansion into new markets, risk mitigation, reduced regulatory delays and improved quality. Reports from our four facilities have been successfully used by our clients in support of marketing authorization and new product approval submissions around the world, including to the European (EMA, ECHA), US (FDA and EPA) and Japanese (MHLW and MAFF) regulatory authorities.

Citoxlab is committed to the humane treatment of the research animals entrusted to our care.

We guarantee they will be treated with the highest standards of respect and compassion, and particular attention is accorded to housing conditions, social interaction and enrichment of their environment. Citoxlab’s ethics committees have established and rigorously enforce our ethics charter for Laboratory Animals. All employees must continuously demonstrate their commitment to animal welfare and are required to sign our ethics charter as a condition of initial and continuing employment.

Since 2004, our high ethical standards have been recognized by accreditation from the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International (AAALAC).

As a highly qualified service provider, we also strive to be flexible, accommodating and respond as quickly as possible to each of your individual needs.


  • Testing Demands after 2018
    David J. ESDAILE, Citoxlab
  • Japanese Chemicals Legislation Requirements for Import
    David J. ESDAILE, Citoxlab on behalf of Media Services, Tokyo

Chemdox logoCHEMDOX : All-in-One: Chemical – Law – Software

CHEMDOX is a 100% subsidiary of UCS – unique computing solutions gmbh, which has been pursuing excellence in the development of high-quality software and optimal user-friendliness since its founding in 1999. Its staff includes experts from the areas of chemistry, law and computer science, working together intensively over a number of years to develop a future-ready solution for the chemical industry. We’re proud to offer CHEMDOX, a new piece of software that uses modern technologies to support you in the creation of legally sound classifications and safety related documents. Developed to cope with the general requirements of chemical and transportation law while retaining maximum user-friendliness, CHEMDOX helps experts achieve an important objective:
high quality documents and with them the feeling of security knowing that the job has been handled right.

CHEMDOX Material Safety Data Sheet Software – the perfect solution for your safety documents

CHEMDOX is a contemporary software that uses modern technologies to support you in the creation of legally sound classifications and safety related documents.

Research substances, create own products
Rules-based classification
Automated creation of documents
Administration of created documents

Always ready to go:
Our service and our team for a presentation in your company.
Lots of things may sound terrific on a website.
But it really gets exciting once you experience the benefits for yourself, such as through a live presentation of CHEMDOX.
Our team would be glad to hear from you, either by telephone or email, with any questions or appointment requests.

USA: [T] +1 888 8369462
Europe & other countries: [T] +43 1 5321489 0
[E] office@chemdox.com

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